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De sier- en gebruiksproducten die Kanika aanbiedt zijn uniek in hun soort. Allen vallen onder het kenmerk Fair. Daarnaast kunnen ze voldoen aan de kenmerken Ambachtelijk, Sociaal, Ecologisch en Biologisch. Voor meer informatie over de verschillende productgroepen kunt u kijken onder het kopje assortiment.
Kanika biedt verscheidene cadeaupakketten aan in samenwerking met Talent, Cerro Azul en Tear Nederland. Deze kunt u bekijken onder het kopje cadeaupakketten.



The decoration and functional products that Kanika offers are unique. All are characterized by fair trade. In addition, they can comply with the characteristics craftsmanship, social, ecological and biological.
For more information about the different product groups, please click on “Assortment”.
Kanika offers various giftpackages in cooperation with Talent, Cerro Azul and Tear Netherlands. Have a look at these under “Giftpackages”.
Kanika offers a wide range of products.


Our collection of necklaces and earrings are made with traditional artisan silver beads combined with the loveliest semiprecious stones. These beads are combined into extraordinary jewellery together with the producer during a four-day-long visit which takes place twice a year.
They are manufactured in the poorest part of Thailand, the East.


Kanika offers an extraordinary collection of flower jewellery, made of real roses, orchids, leaves and seeds.
The flowers are partly supplied by the local community through which they earn a little extra money. They are produced in the North of Thailand.


Pots, jars, bowls and candleholders are part of this collection. Suitable for indoor- and outdoor use, created for the ambience. Originally, these were utensils in villages in the North of Thailand. Today, they are beautiful utensils to be used in and outside the house. Handmade of clay.


Lovely soaps with many natural aromas. Handmade and -cut, packed in luxurious giftpackages.
Manufactured in the North of Thailand. Pamper yourself or somebody else with the many rich aromas.


Wonderful woodcarvings made of different woodsorts, such as acacia, rubber and mangowood from which beautiful utensils are made. This is done in a leprocy-project in the North of Thailand. A delight for the eye. Convenient and attractive in the kitchen or livingroom.


Braided of date leaves by villagers in the Southwest of Bangladesh. Many different shapes and sizes available. The baskets are of durable quality. Beautiful for domestic use and decoration.